About Us

Moringa Mart was started by Frank Oppizzi. About 2 years ago he was suffering from High glucose levels, High blood pressure and Cholesterol. A friend of his introduced him to a Superfood he had never heard of called Moringa Oleifera.

Although he was unfamiliar with this Superfood he decided to speak with his doctor who said it was an excellent idea and gave him the green light. He did some research and began taking Moringa on a daily basis. Along with exercise and a good diet, he began to notice that all the Medical problems he had were slowly subsiding. After some research he came across those  "Green Drinks" you see advertised everywhere and realized the secret to their success was that they all contained the same exact superfood; Moringa Oleifera.

In his research he also discovered that consumers of those "Green drinks" rarely got 100% pure Moringa, in fact he could find no product that contained 100% Pure Moringa Oleifera. According to testing done by the FDA and Independent labs, most of the products on the market only contained between 2%-20% of the actual Superfoods they claimed, the rest were dangerous fillers which prolonged the life of the Powder.

With a strong suspicion that these "Big" companies were just out for profits, and that they were doing more harm than good; he began to travel the world and located in Africa and the Himalayas Wild Moringa being grown in some of the most fertile ground he had ever come across. Not to mention, it was away from any form of pollution and it was all grown organically with no pesticides. He then contracted and purchased the land, and hired a staff to grow Moringa trees year round. He imported the Moringa and under strict FDA guidelines he had the Plant leaves and Seed leaves crushed into powder and put into capsules. Now the reason for both the Seed powder and Leaf powder is because during his research and personal experience, he found that they EACH have their own set of benefits. His GOAL was to spread the word about this Miracle Plant with anyone and everyone. The amount of medical benefits of Moringa Oleifera is staggering, but because its not "Medication" he wasn't allowed to make medical claims. That's how Moringa Mart was born. His need to Offer Moringa Oleifera to the world but 100% PURE and ORGANIC! Not the fake stuff that people are being sold on a daily basis.

From there he began to develop the Seed Oil and the Amazing soaps. That is how the company has grown, and will continue to grow as we strive to let the World know about this wonderful Superfood!